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digital marketing services.


For small and midsize businesses it can be difficult to fill out your marketing team to address a constantly changing landscape. wtg saw many clients who had a need for full-service marketing services and became a full-service digital marketing agency by adding marketing strategy experts to our team.

We offer a variety of services to cover the entire digital marketing landscape, from competitive audits and strategy to content management and social media marketing. With wtg’s digital marketing services you can augment your in-house team or finally add the capabilities that have been keeping you from attracting potential customers to your website.

We usually suggest our clients start with a competitive audit when assessing their online marketing needs. This comprehensive audit takes a deep dive into your own website and brand and compares it to competitors you provide or ask us to identify.

In the digital age, potential customers don’t like to be sold to, they’re looking for useful information and products to solve their problems. This is where organic strategy comes into play. Organic strategies look for ways to drive visitors to your website but providing content that gets found in search results and come to you. This has frequently been called an inbound marketing strategy.

A key area that many other agencies miss, Yellow House realizes how important local SEO is to the small and medium-sized businesses we serve. Unless you are a nationwide manufacturer, how your content ranks across the entire country is of little consequence. It’s how your business is found locally that matters and is our prime focus.

Social media has truly changed the landscape of digital marketing over the past decade and it continues to change. Old platforms can age and new platforms can burst onto the scene at seemingly a moment’s notice. We keep pace with these changes and keep you in front of your audience on social media.

competitive audits.

This deep dive looks at business models, organic search performance, lead generation, local search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC), SEO, and social media marketing strategy. After we complete the audit we’ll walk you through the key findings in easy to understand terms. We will take this data-driven approach to make recommendations for crafting a marketing plan and a competitive strategy.

At the conclusion of the audit, you’ll receive a full report detailing all of our findings that is yours to use as you wish. We can craft a detailed strategy and timeline for you or you can use the information internally to plan on your own. The choice is entirely yours.

organic marketing strategies.

search engine optimization.

We’ve had many clients that have used any number of agencies and techniques to try to drive SEO. What makes wtg different? We believe our deep industry knowledge brought by our focus on local businesses helps us understand our clients and their business better.

Most agencies will focus on technical issues or on-page SEO as the crux of their offering. While we do this work as well it’s a small part of our total package of organic services. Google and other search engines have become far more sophisticated and usually don’t’ respond to some of these older techniques and tricks to get your page to rank. You can only do that with a sound technical framework coupled with great content.

content strategy.

After performing your audit we will have a clear understanding of how your website is performing in relation to your competitors. We’ll identify areas where your competitors are performing well and look for opportunities for you to rank higher. By looking for these gaps in your content by doing keyword research, we can develop a strategy to augment your content to perform better.

Many of our clients have experimented with this on their own and may not have seen results and that’s understandable. Content strategy is a marathon and not a sprint and can take time to build. However, it also needs the data and strategy behind it to identify what content you should be creating. 

We will first take a look at the existing content you have and how it could be improved. We frequently find clients that have well-performing content on their website they didn’t even know about. We look at what you have and what might already be working first to build on any existing foundation you already have.

content management.

After improving the foundation of your content we will turn our attention to adding to it. We take the same lessons learned from the audit and increase your potential discoverability by finding the gaps in your content and filling them.

Our content creation team is a combination of designers and writers who leverage keyword and content knowledge to generate new content for your website that will get found. By providing useful content to your visitors you develop a relationship of trust with them to build a relationship. We identify what your visitors are looking for and generate content that converts them into customers.

This content becomes the hub of your information online where one piece of content can then be broken out into smaller pieces to be used on social media and elsewhere. This allows for efficient use of your long-form content by repurposing it to drive visits to your website hub.

local seo & reputation management.

local seo.

Google gives relatively limited guidance as to how they determine search engine results. However, when it comes to Local SEO, they provide some clear guidance. The three factors they use are distance, relevance, and prominence.

While there isn’t anything your business can do about distance (a business will usually rank better in an area they are based in as opposed to one they do not) we often find there is much to do for relevance and prominence.

We audit all of your listings in Google My Business, Google Maps, and elsewhere to ensure they accurately reflect your business. This is a key driver of relevance and we frequently find clients who aren’t being found for products or services they offer because these listings are not correct. We identify and fix these business listings, coupled with a review of how your website presents information to them, for optimal results.

reputation management.

While there are many factors for Google’s prominence factor, and they don’t detail them all, online reviews are one of the key drivers. We often find an undue weight and focus on negative reviews as the foundation of a reputation management program. Yellow House’s services are far more sophisticated than that.

Any reputation management program truly ends with monitoring reviews, it begins with generating them. We keep up to date with all the prominent review sources to craft a review generation strategy for your business. We’ve all been asked for feedback before, it’s knowing when and how that makes the difference in a successful reputation management program.

Our programs are totally flexible and extensible where you can leverage in-house staff who frequently respond to concerns from reviews or use our services as a turnkey solution to manage them. Either way, we will outline a plan to work with your team to drive the results you are looking for to build and maintain your brand’s reputation online.

social media management.

social media content management.

The approach to social media content is entirely different from the long-form content commonly used on your website. This doesn’t mean that content can’t be used on social media, as long as it is presented the right way.

Each social media platform can have a distinct audience and a way of presenting content that is unique to it. We keep up to date with all the major platforms to find the best way to reach your audience on that specific platform. The speed at which the social media landscape moves also allows us to test various methods and measure the results to develop your long-term strategy.

At Yellow House, we go beyond scheduling posts or using social media management tools to help you save time. Instead, we take a comprehensive look at all of your social media accounts and how they can perform better. It’s that broad look that allows us to develop a strategy that leads to your success.

social media advertising.

Social media has disrupted the world of advertising, both traditional and digital. Today, social media ads are some of the most cost-effective ways to reach a targeted audience by leveraging the unique information each platform has about each of its users.

Also, the world of social media advertising is far more interactive than virtually any method of advertising before it. Our team keeps up to date with the latest capabilities and techniques in use on each platform to optimize the performance of your advertising spend.

Balancing your advertising budget is nothing new for any of our clients. We use our research to provide you with a strategy that will provide the best value for your limited advertising funds. We go beyond simple retargeting and landing page techniques to provide a broad understanding of your targeted audience and how to reach them.

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